B-ZG 1pair 4"inch
reg price $120
Now $100.00
shipping $28

For wider wheel deep dish, this is it! Stick out 4"inch wide.
Bolt on's can use self screw, or aluminum Rivets.
Fiberglass composite.
black color paintable.
Ship $18 with USPS with Tracking info.2 weeks.

B-ZG 1Pair Black color fiberglass.
No hardware.
Paintable surface.
1pair 4"inch wide Now $100.00
240Z flares as B-ZG

B-ZG Bolt-on's kit
reg price $200

Now $140.00

Fiberglass, Black Color, No Hardware, shipping 2-3 weeks. ship with USPS Tracking info provided $28.

B-ZG Kit.
BZG 4"rear 2"in front.
rear 4"in front 3"in kit.
WIDE FLARES reg price $220    4' wide rear, Front 3" wide.

Now $180.00

Fiberglass No Hardware, color black, shipping price $28. 2-3 weeks.